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Top Tips for PROCESSIONS Belfast

(There is additional transport, travel and access information available on the website)

1. PROCESSIONS will take place whatever the weather. Wear comfortable clothing and keep an eye on the weather forecast beforehand. Bring waterproofs if necessary – or sunglasses and hats if it’s sunny! We’re discouraging the use of umbrellas in the case of rain, as they’ll disrupt the artwork. 

2. The coloured scarves will be handed out at the assembly point as we get into position. You won’t be able to pick your colour. Colours are allocated on the day – you don’t need to prepare anything in advance or dress in the suffragette colours. 

3. Travel light, do not leave your bags unattended.

 Bring a bottle of water (and any food you’re happy to carry), especially in the case of hot weather. Note that there will be refreshments for sale at the assembly point and lots of shops, cafes and food-stores close to end point.

4. Arrange a good place to meet friends and family beforehand as it might be hard to find people once you’re there.

5. Please note that filming and photography will be taking place throughout the route.

6. Fully charge your mobile phone beforehand. Bring an external phone battery if you have one, especially if you’re planning to take lots of photos and videos of the event! Be sure to share your photos and videos with us using #PROCESSIONS2018.

7. Allow enough time to get to the starting point at Titanic Slipways for between 12.15 and 1.30pm. The nearest train station to the starting point is Titanic Quarter Station, from which it’s roughly a 15-minute walk to Titanic Slipways. The following Metro services run close to the Titanic Slipways: 26, 26B, 26C & Airport Express 600A/600B. As the bus network will be disrupted and re-routed during the road closures, please ensure you research local bus services before you travel:

8. Wear comfortable walking shoes. The route is 1.5 miles / 2.4 km. The route will take approximately 2 hours to complete depending on the numbers attending and we will be walking at a slow pace. The route won’t have barriers so you can step out or pause if you get tired.

9. Don’t forget your banner if you’ve made one! Though remember that you don’t need a banner to attend!

10. Please leave your dog at home (unless it’s an assistance or guide dog).

11. Note the availability of toilet stops! There will be toilets at the assembly point and end point.

12. Have a post-event strategy for relaxing and pickups. The end point is Belfast City Hall (BT1 5GS). Note there is no rally at the end of PROCESSIONS. Stewards and volunteers will be on hand to signpost you to the nearest transport links and your homeward journey. Please note that there will be event road closures in place so pick ups at City Hall will not be possible.

13. To make the most of your day, follow any advice given by event staff – security, stewards, volunteers and follow general security awareness, being vigilant to suspicious activity.

Most importantly, have a great day!

Click here to download the Top tips for PROCESSIONS Belfast PDF .