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WWA’s brilliant banners with Oasis and SEEds


The WWA (Women’s Arts Association) are working with Oasis Cardiff and SEEds to create of 27 banners for PROCESSIONS on June 10th.

The banners created through the WAA workshop sessions are completely collaborative. Each participant will design a square which will be stitched together to complete the whole banner.

Wales based artists and quilters Jacqueline Alkema, Jilly Jocks, Judy Stephens, Amelia Thomas, Sarah Featherstone, Margaret Sian Williams, Sonia Benskin Mesher as well as organisations such as Mercury, Theatre Wales and Friends of Art Central were also invited to design a square each.

On March 5th, the WWA had their first workshop with Oasis. Oasis Cardiff aims to help refugees and Asylum Seekers integrate into local communities throughout Cardiff through activities such as weekly cookery, craft, creative and coffee sessions for women.

The first workshop centred on developing the designs of the patches, incorporating the colours used in the Suffragette movement. This developed into discussions about how these colours could represent the voices of women today.

The second workshop at Llanover Hall 19th March was an evening session aimed to start making the banner a reality, choosing materials and plotting patches. Each patch will represent a different part of the community and will amplify the personal views, experiences and hopes of each woman. We can’t wait to see what messages the women of Cardiff, WWA, Oasis and SEEdS bring on June 10th!

The third workshop took place at SEEdS (Survivors Empowering and Educating Services). SEEds is a survivor participation project supporting women in Gwent and Cardiff that have experienced forms of domestic abuse and violence. 6 women from SEEdS and the WAA participated in this workshop, developing concepts and designs for their patches.

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Words by Patricia Ziad

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