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Wonder Women Launch Event with Span Arts

Span Arts, has been awarded funding to work with communities in and around Narberth, Pembrokeshire on projects celebrating women over the summer of 2018.  We have an exciting programme of events entitled “Wonder Women” linked to the 100th anniversary of UK women gaining the right to vote which will see women from West Wales represented at #PROCESSIONS2018 a national event in Cardiff led by Artichoke on 10th June; and will culminate in a fantastic spectacle at the head of Narberth Carnival on 28th July.

WEN Wales very kindly supported us by funding a special launch event on Sunday 18th March in Narberth which included:

  • A ‘Sew your Slogan’ workshop where participants were able to contribute to an embroidered graffiti wall
  • An evening screening of the award-winning film “Suffragette”, with tea, cake and discussion.

The event was very successful and we were able to have some very deep and impactful conversations with people around what being a woman in Wales today actually means, the issues that affect men and women around equality and the things that people want to change.

Some comments included:

  • “Thank you for letting me be part of something very important to me”
  • “It’s been lovely to sew again and to meet so many new people – great atmosphere”
  • “Inspirational, worthwhile and well organised”
  • “Such a lovely workshop, felt very welcomed”


The Suffragette film was profoundly moving and provoked many in-depth discussions about whether or not people felt they would have been able to make the same sacrifices. We asked those who attended the film to answer the question “ONE HUNDRED YEARS: What has changed and what still needs to? These are their answers:

  • Sometimes violence works
  • Even now women are paid less than men; even now women are demeaned in the workplace (#MeToo)
  • Stunning to see just how much women had to lose in order to win
  • Acknowledge, Empower, Pay: Mothers, not childcare vouchers
  • Next: Global equality and wipe out capitalism!
  • They fought so hard to get the vote, now we must fight hard to make sure all people use their vote
  • The right to make changes ongoingly
  • Still the fight goes on for equality
  • What’s changed? Discrimination against women is now covert rather than overt
  • Woman power is on the rise
  • EQUAL PAY #Ffeminist
  • You’ve got to fight for your rights
  • Change has happened but still a long way to equality
  • SHOCKING, makes you feel terrible for being male.
  • Still many decisions made by men for women
  • When there are huge numbers of us we can use our power created by those number


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