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Susan Bright

We spoke to Susan Bright, Regional Managing Partner, UK & Africa at Hogan Lovells about why she is proud to support #PROCESSIONS2018. Susan has been the leader of the firm’s global competition practice for seven years. 

Susan Bright

Why are you/your business supporting PROCESSIONS?

We are delighted to support the creation of a piece of living art to celebrate one hundred years of votes for some women in this country.  As a firm we have a keen focus on empowering girls and women and so the opportunity to be involved in this event was a natural fit for us.

What does the event mean to you?

Giving people a positive and empowering way to celebrate such an historic moment is fantastic.

What is the major milestone from the past 100 years that is the most poignant to you in terms of women’s empowerment?  

The first woman to be admitted as a solicitor in England was in 1922. That was a major milestone – it gave women a place in a profession that is rooted in questioning, analysing and, in many ways, driving change.  Previously women had been prevented from joining the profession, since to qualify as a solicitor one had to be a “person” within the meaning of the Solicitors Act of 1843 and women did not fall within that definition …

100 years ago, the first women won the right to vote – what do you think still needs to change in today’s society?

We need to encourage people to build on what others have achieved, by engaging in the democratic process and in the communities where we live and work.  At Hogan Lovells we encourage people to be themselves at work and to engage in pro bono and community work, giving back to others. I see the positive impact on our business day to day.

Which woman or girl is your biggest inspiration?

I am not sure I can pick one!  There have been so many women who have inspired me over the years. I did not realise it when I was growing up, but my mother and her sister were pretty inspirational – my mother was a doctor and my aunt a lawyer, as well as being wives and mothers.  They just made it all seem perfectly normal and their daughters have followed in their footsteps.

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