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Lighthouse Poole banner making sessions with artist Denise Poote

As part of our 100 years 100 banners programme, Lighthouse Poole are working with artist Denise Poote to create some beautiful banners for PROCESSIONS 2018. They are running an ambitious community programme consisting of eight creative workshops.

Denise Poote is a visual artist who works with a variety of materials, most recently using recycled resources to create a piece called JellyBeanPod which displayed at Colourfest 2016.


Image by: Lighthouse Poole and Denise Poote

“working on this project which will bring together local women from the South West to create art and share time will be a wonderful and inspiring opportunity for me”.

Denise Poote

The first workshop at Lighthouse pool was an induction to PROCESSIONS with 6 of the participants fully signing up. The participants planned how to further publicise the Lighthouse workshops and discussed how to create sessions that are centred on the historical context of women’s rights and activism. These sessions will lead into creating beautiful banners and pennants for PROCESSIONS on June 10th.


The second workshop from Lighthouse was in conjunction with Get Creative week.The session was open to the public and welcomed guest speaker Shelia Wiggins, co-founder of Retro it ain’t!,  a not-for-profit organisation that shares stories of historical activism through public events.

The workshop asked participants to think about what changes could happen in women’s lives over the next 50 years. They were then invited to translate these thoughts into craft using different techniques such as stencilling, printing and collage.

Shelia also brought placards from some of her previous events, stating “if we have nothing else, we have our voice”.

Images by: Lighthouse Poole and Denise Poote


The Lighthouse workshops are running from February to mid- May, you can keep an eye on the progress of the workshops and a wealth of relevant links and resources on Denise’s blog here.

Lighthouse Poole
Twitter: @LighthousePoole 
Facebook: @lighthousepoole

Denise Poote
Twitter: @Keepingonerer 


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