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Deeds,Words (a lot of words!) and Togetherness

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Deeds- Too excited …. ! As you can see from the teaser images we really got cracking on the making front today with the fantastic group of women (oldest participant 98), children (who put on a short play), dog (who mainly slept) and even a man (providing the gender balance!)) at Quatt Village Hall . The inventiveness, ideas and making skills of everyone was inspiring.

I had started the session by telling the group a little about a talk I attended by Helen Pankhurst (granddaughter of Sylvia) and how she not only drew from the past but linked what is happening today as another phase of women finding their voices and not being prepared to accept the unacceptable. She finished her talk by saying she wants everyone regardless of gender, race, creed to be allowed to shine. I can think of no more fitting words to describe everyone today – each and everyone of you truly did shine ! x

Words by Annie Marie Lagram

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