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Women Making History


2nd June - 11th July




This free, ticketed exhibition will take place from 2nd June – 11th July 2021 at London Scottish House in Westminster

Emblazoned with the concerns of women across the UK, the banners are an inspiring reminder of the importance of feminist activism and the power of protest today.

In June 2018 tens of thousands of women embraced the idea of PROCESSIONS and joined us to create an unforgettable mass-participation artwork celebrating 100 years of votes for the first UK women. Three years on, Women Making History continues this legacy, providing an opportunity to reflect on the banners’ calls for equality, to examine the pace of progress and to be inspired to keep pushing for change.

Created by leading artists in collaboration with women’s groups across the UK, these vibrant artworks inspired by the banners of the suffrage movement, speak to the present and the future. Artists include Claudette Johnson, Sarah Maple, Sadie Williams and Vivienne Westwood.

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We’re delighted to announce Women Making History, a new exhibition of more than 100 extraordinary banners made for PROCESSIONS, a 14-18 NOW commission, to mark 100 years of the first UK women getting the vote.


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