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Ambassadors and Friends

We are really happy to be working with these organisations who are widening the reach of PROCESSIONS.

At 64 Million Artists we believe that everyone is creative, and that when we use our creativity we can make positive change in our lives and the world around us. We feel everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves, to be an active participant in society, feel ownership and agency in their lives and be part of a community. We advocate for accessibility, equality and democracy and therefore support PROCESSIONS in inviting girls and women to come together to collaborate, express their creativity and have opportunities to explore what it means to be a woman today.

Armed Forces

Armed Forces

he British Army is delighted to support Processions. Last year, we celebrated the Centenary of 100 Years of Women in the Army and this national celebration of women’s vote marks another great milestone in achieving the equality of opportunity to which the British Army is wholly committed.

Birkbeck London University

Birkbeck University of London

Birkbeck was one of the first Higher Education institutions in the UK to admit women students and played an important role in the work of pioneering, influential figures such as Rosalind Franklin, Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen Sharman and Dame Stephanie Shirley to thrive. We are pleased to back this event and recognise the centenary of what was an important milestone in increasing the rights of women in the UK, and was followed a decade later by equal suffrage.

Care International UK

This year CARE International’s #March4Women event celebrated the centenary of (some) women getting the right to vote. Feminists from every walk of life joined together to honour the suffragettes of the past, and the ‘modern-day suffragettes’ who still fight for equality. CARE is proud to support PROCESSIONS, which will bring together thousands of women from around the country, in celebration of the centenary.

Cinema For All

As a female-led charity and recipient of funding for our own #Vote100 project this year we’re delighted to lend our support to #PROCESSIONS2018 on 10th June! Don’t miss your chance to make history and celebrate women today with one huge artwork.

Swiss Embassy in the United Kingdom logo

Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom

As the late bloomer of Europe we continue to champion equality and are looking forward to celebrating our own centenary of women’s suffrage… in 2071.

Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces is all about community-led culture and people coming together locally to create together, sharing their passions, their hobbies and their enthusiasms.

In 2017, 90% of local Fun Palaces were led by women – Processions is a chance to shine a light on the incredible women across the UK, making a huge difference on every level in every community, and looking to the future to achieve even more.


Girlguiding logo


From our inception, Girlguiding has been promoting girls voices and encouraging girls and young women to play an active role in their community through social action and making positive changes to the lives of girls and young women. PROCESSIONS is an opportunity for Girlguiding members to celebrate the memory of the women who won the right to vote for all women in the UK.

Jane Morgan Associates

We are an all female Theatre Marketing company with 25 years in the industry. We are proud to support PROCESSIONS and honoured to be celebrating 100 years of the Representation of the People Act alongside such important organisations.


Ladies Circle

Ladies Circle

Ladies Circle was formed in 1932 and since then we’ve watched the fun and friendship spread and reach thousands of young women in over 40 countries world-wide. Our mission is simple – to engage and empower women, aged 18 to 45, to #GetInvolved and serve the community whilst creating lifelong friendships. We work along-side the Round Table Four Club Family ensuring anyone over 18 can join, and with hundreds of clubs meeting on a regular basis across the UK there really is something for everyone. We’re proud to support PROCESSIONS and to celebrate the amazing strong women who shaped our future.

LGBT Foundation

LGBT foundation

We are taking part in Processions, a mass participation artwork to mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, where some British women were given the right to vote for the first time. If you too want to show your support, you can join us!

LSE Women's library

LSE Women's Library

LSE Women’s Library


Papatango logo


Papatango champion new playwrights, share new plays with people who might otherwise struggle to access theatre, and provide free training and opportunities in playwriting. Our motto is simple: all you need is a story. We are proud that half of our writers and nearly two-thirds of our participants identify as female, and it is our privilege to read and share their unique stories. Processions is a brilliant platform for the voices of women and girls, past and present, and we support it wholeheartedly. 

Pride Cymru

Pride Cymru

Mashi theatre logo

Mashi Theatre

Mashi Theatre is proud to support PROCESSIONS as we bring people together through the telling of universal stories, with women at their heart. 

A Mashi is a female keeper of stories and teller of tales, reawakening stories steeped in culture and handing them down to new generations. 

Twitter: @MashiTheatre


Muslim Women's Network UK

The Scottish Womens Institute

The Scottish Women's Institute

Our founder Catherine Blair was a suffragette and fought for equality all her life.

She Speaks We Hear

We’re looking forward to walk together with women to celebrate  the centenary  year of suffrage through PROCESSIONS.

Union of Brunel Students

The Union of Brunel Students wholeheartedly supports every individual having the right to vote, regardless of what gender they identify as. We’re a fabulously LGBTQ+ friendly University, and as such support every student’s human rights and equal opportunities, which the Processions campaign embodies. We’re proud to support Processions and hope our students join us for the march to celebrate our equal right to vote and pay respects to those who fought the battle to get there.

V&A Museum


The V&A is proud to celebrate the women throughout its history who have shaped the museum, its collections and its vision for the future of art, design and performance.

Womankind Worldwide

Womankind Worldwide

Womankind is participating in PROCESSIONS because we firmly believe that supporting women’s movements is the best way to enact change.

Women's Engineering Society (WES)

WES celebrates its 99th birthday this year and has been working to improve women’s rights in employment and education ever since. A great reason to join Processions, to celebrate how far we have come and to acknowledge how far we still have to go.

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering, celebrating the outstanding achievements of women engineers throughout the world. Processions is a great way to publicly celebrate them.

Women's March London

It is 100 years since some women first won the right to vote but the fight for women’s equality, freedom and human rights, still goes on around the world. We’re proud to support PROCESSIONS to celebrate women and the suffrage movement.

Women For Refugee Women

Women For Refugee Women

The refugee and asylum-seeking women in our network are involved in PROCESSIONS to raise the voices of women who are still struggling for political representation in the centenary year of some women’s suffrage.

Young Women’s Trust

“Young Women’s Trust is proud to support PROCESSIONS. A hundred years after gaining the vote, women are still fighting to have their voices heard, to be treated equally and to be paid the same as men.

“We are more likely than men to be on low pay, in insecure jobs and to face sexual harassment. Discrimination, high childcare costs and gender stereotypes shut many women out of the workplace all together. Young Women’s Trust is working to end this.

“As young women, we’ll be marching because we don’t want to have to wait another hundred years for women’s equality.”